Despite all the evidence that the state may have against you, a good Virginia DUI defense attorney can find ways for you to beat your Virginia DUI charge. For instance, the Virginia DUI attorney may contest the evidence pertaining to your blood alcohol content analysis.

If your level of intoxication was measured via breathalyzer, then there are several possibilities that your reading was inaccurate. An expert's testimony may be a good way to prove you didn't actually commit a DUI offense. 

This is because in Virginia, state laws specify that you must be proven to have had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or higher while driving in order to be charged with a DUI.

Therefore, if your metabolism is slow to absorb alcohol into the bloodstream, and your BAC was not measured until hours after you were pulled over, then your DUI defense team may be able to show that your test was inaccurate, which means the test results cannot be used as evidence against you. 

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