You might not think that driving over 80 mph in Hanover County, Virginia could impact your ability to get a job, keep a security clearance, find suitable housing or even get reasonable car insurance in the future. Yet, in Virginia, reckless driving speeding can result not only in those consequences but also leave you with a permanent criminal record.

Many Virginians and out of state drivers visit Hanover County, Virginia to play at the Kings Dominion amusement park and other attractions. Many other people work, live and drive through the county on a regular basis. The long, flat, straight stretch of I-95 just north of Richmond has become a steady speed trap for all of them, as have other roads in Hanover County.

We Usually Defend You in Hanover County Court While You Stay at Home

If you've been caught driving 81 mph or more then you will be charged with the criminal offense of reckless driving in Hanover County.

If this happens to you, do you want to be represented by someone's associate or by an experienced, top rated Hanover County reckless driving lawyer? As Mark Holmberg of CBS6 News has stated, Attorney Bob Battle is the Virginia reckless driving attorney who "wrote the book about reckless driving in Virginia." You can download a free copy of Bob's book, "The Shocking Truth about Reckless Driving Speeding in Virginia" now to immediately learn more about the seriousness of the charges against you and how to choose a lawyer who is the best fit for your defense. You can also call Bob at (804) 673-5600 to discuss your specific case.

The Virginia Media Calls Bob When They Have a Reckless Driving Story

People accused of reckless driving in Hanover County, VA are not the only ones calling Bob. The media also calls Bob when they have stories about reckless driving in Virginia. Bob has recently been featured in the Baltimore Sun, on CBS6-TV news and on WTOP radio as an authority on Virginia reckless driving laws.

Bob is an Experienced Hanover County Reckless Driving Lawyer

Virginians and out of state drivers who have been charged with reckless driving speeding can save time, save money and avoid the significant consequences of a criminal conviction when they call Bob Battle. The Hanover County General District Court judge who most often hears reckless driving speeding cases has certain sentences that he imposes based on the accused speed, driving record and background of the driver.

Guarantee- Free Legal Representation in Circuit Court Appeals

Virginia law allows accused reckless drivers to request a new trial in Circuit Court if they don't like the District Court ruling. Bob Battle is currently the only Hanover County reckless driving attorney who provides his clients with a free guarantee. If Bob represents you before a district court judge and you are unhappy in any way with the judge's ruling or sentence and wish to appeal, then Bob will represent you for free in your new trial in the Circuit Court.

Considering Representing Yourself on Your Hanover Reckless Driving Speeding Case?

One of the sections of "The Shocking Truth about Reckless Driving Speeding in Virginia," is titled "Why saying you can't afford a lawyer could wind up costing you big bucks."

Consider this real example that occurred in Hanover County! A woman who said she could not afford a lawyer and who was driving slower than Bob Battle's client wound up getting convicted of reckless driving and paying at least 4x's more than Bob Battle's client, who remained at home and had her case resolved without a conviction. Of course all cases vary depending on a number of factors, but it is a certainty that you cannot win on an issue your reckless driving lawyer fails to recognize and raise at trial.

Call Hanover County, VA reckless driving attorney Bob Battle today at 804.673.5600 for more information about your rights.

Testimonial by Bob Battle Client

Reckless Driving Speeding Charge DISMISSED

As a Maryland driver, I was an absolute wreck over the fact that I had been charged with a "reckless speeding ticket" and that the officer mislead me into thinking that the consequences were not as severe by merely paying the ticket as a pre-payment. A local law firm recommended Bob Battle and despite the 20 advertisement letters I received from lawyers I decided to go with the recommendation for Battle. Take my advice and consider this a referral from a dedicated teacher, wife, and mother who made one careless mistake: Bob Battle delivers what he promises. Professional and trustworthy! My results were beyond my expectations: no conviction and no points. Exactly what I hoped for...Exactly what was delivered!

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