Finding the best Richmond lawyer for you can be quite a task.  You wouldn't want someone representing you who is incapable of properly handling your case.  Here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about finding the right Richmond lawyer for you.

1) Research and understand the legal predicament you have.   Before you conduct a search for a Richmond lawyer, study the legal problem in which you are involved.  In our modern world, information is everywhere - you won't have any problem looking for your case on the internet.  You can use the Consumer Resource Alliance website.  It contains information that is supplied by member attorneys who follow ethical guidelines and have illustrated a genuine dedication to helping and empowering the public regarding legal matters.

Compile a list of names of prospective lawyers with which to confer.   While the website mentioned above could be an ideal source for prospective lawyers, do not limit yourselves there.  Using a State Bar-approved referral service is another option to find competent Richmond lawyers.  You should also try to consult with family or friends who may have employed a lawyer within your community.

Seek written information from a lawyer.   You should disregard a lawyer who isn't able to provide you with written information.  Your legal problem is not something to be taken lightly, and if the lawyer isn't even capable of writing relevant consumer information, then he or she may not be worth your trust.

Trim down your list.   After contacting the names you have complied on your list of prospective lawyers in Richmond, the next step is to trim it down.  By now, you should have an idea on who you feel is trustworthy and capable of handling your legal problem.

Ask questions.   You should prepare a set of questions to ask a prospective lawyer in order to get a good understanding of his or her capabilities.  Ask about his or her experiences as a lawyer in Richmond, what he or she can do for your case, and like-minded questions.

Analyze the information you've gathered.   Carefully evaluate the all the information you have collected.  Decide which information is the most important to your case.  Take your time to assess everything before selecting the lawyer you want.  If you follow all these, you are one step closer to having a positive outcome in your legal predicament. Hopefully this guide will assist you in landing the lawyer that is most suitable for your needs.
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