Despite what you may think, beating Virginia DUI charges is not an impossible task. A good Virginia DUI attorney will know what steps to take to help you reach that goal. With enough supporting evidence to build a winning case, you may be able to avoid a costly DUI conviction.

How do I prepare for my DUI trial?

Preparations for your trial should be handled by your attorney. The process begins with your first appearance in court, which is known as your arraignment.

At your arraignment you will receive a copy of the police report and the District Attorney's charges against you. Once you have entered a plea of not-guilty, dates will be set for your motions, then your pre-trial conference, and finally your Virginia DUI trial.

Pretrial Motions for Your DUI Defense

Following your arraignment, and after reviewing all the facts, your Virginia DUI attorney will have to file the pre-trial motions. These motions request the judge's approval for certain actions on your behalf. Different actions have different motives, but these will help to shape the trial and benefit your case.

Motion to suppress

A motion to suppress is a request to exclude evidence that was obtained improperly or illegally. This can prevent the prosecutors from using some of the evidence they have collected against you and can include breathalyzer results, chemical tests, or even the initial reason why you were pulled over.

Discovery motion

This motion requests that the prosecution release any additional evidence. As the defense, you are entitled to any information that will be used as evidence against you.

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