The state of mind for a parent when their child is injured in a car accident is often distressed.  There is anxiety, confusion, helplessness, and panic that arises.  However, parents need to be aware of certain things beforehand to prevent them from being completely helpless after a Richmond car accident.  Knowledge empowers parents to follow a clear course of action.

The memory of a child becomes less reliable as time passes.  It is vital to record the important details of the car accident as soon as possible.  The best way is to talk to the child and write down in detail their account of what happened in the car accident.  If the parent is a witness to the accident, then their version must be recorded separately.  

If the Richmond car accident was clearly the other party's fault, it is much more important to make a note of it to prevent any risk of losing the case.  By taking these steps, the parent can obtain the financial resources to pay the medical bills.  

Even if the injury is apparently minor, it is better to consult a doctor and examine the child.  Some injuries, though not obvious at first, may manifest hours or days later.  

Documentation helps a child receive fair compensation from insurance companies after a Richmond car accident.  The content of these documents would be contributions from the child and his or her doctor, from their respective viewpoints.  The effect of the car accident on the child is to be recorded, including the pain they feel, the activities in which they can no longer engage, etc.  The doctor lists the medical procedures and treatments.  

The insurance company needs to be contacted.  Most of them cover medical bills, motorist coverage, and personal injury protection.  

Then a qualified Richmond personal injury attorney is needed.  The attorney has to be contacted before going to the insurance company if the child's injuries are severe.

It is imperative that people educate themselves with the legal process, instead of "resigning to the inevitable."  It is a matter of facing the child and knowing that the most is being done for him or her.  It is a big responsibility and works well only if you are in the hands of a good Richmond personal injury lawyer.  It is important to be open with your lawyer as it is his or her job to fight for your interests and rights, and your job is to take care of your family.
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