So you're already in the process of finding the right lawyer for your Richmond personal injury claim.  You have a few choices in mind on who can represent you.  But before you make your final pick, you must get to know your lawyer first - see if he or she is reliable and competent enough for the job.

To help you make that decision, here are some questions you should ask the Richmond lawyers you're looking at:

  • 1) How many years have you been a practicing attorney in Richmond?

You wouldn't want someone who has no extensive experience, such as someone who just graduated from law school.

  • 2) What actual experience do you have in handling cases like mine?

Not just any Richmond personal injury attorney should be chosen.  A attorney who has worked a case similar to yours is recommended.

  • 3) What legal obstacles do you see? Explain my case in detail.

Communication with your attorney can be tested with this question.  How he/she responds can show you character and intellect.

  • 4) What is my case worth?

This is a trick question to test if the attorney can be trusted.  You should not consider anyone who starts giving out figures as there is really no way to tell any final amount until the claim is settled.

  • 5) Please describe everything that I would have to deal with in the handling of my case.

This is yet another question to test if you can have a good working relationship with your lawyer.

  • 6) Who in your Richmond office will I be working with on my case?

Check if either a qualified Richmond attorney or only a paralegal would be working with you.

  • 7) Do you hold malpractice insurance in Richmond?

A lack of this insurance may indicate that they are irresponsible and not sincere in caring for their clients.

  • 8) Have you been disciplined by your State Bar association?

If they have indeed been disciplined, ask for an explanation.  Then evaluate if he or she still will do you good regardless of his or her prior disciplinary action.

  • 9) How will you keep me up-to-speed as to how my case is doing?

A good Richmond attorney should always be able to present you the details regarding his or her communication policy.

  • 10) Do you represent insurance companies?

You may find out if there is any conflict in interest upon asking this question.

  • 11) Do you regularly attend continuing legal education courses in the area of personal injury?

Someone who hasn't bothered to pursue further studies after graduating law school isn't recommended at all.

  • 12) Have you published articles, guides or books for consumers or other attorneys?

If they have published works, you may be able to further evaluate them through these.

  • 13) What is your rating on

Relevant information regarding a Richmond lawyer can be found on this website.

Asking your potential Richmond attorney these questions can save you a lot of grief when trying to select the right attorney for you and your personal injury case.

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