If you have recently been convicted of a Virginia DUI, there is a good chance that you've had your Virginia driver's license suspended. If it has been suspended, there are steps you can take to reinstate your Virginia driver's license. But before you take the necessary steps, you should get the advice of a Virginia DUI defense attorney. With the help of an expert in Virginia DUI law, you will have a much better chance of driving again after a conviction.

How to Reinstate Your Virginia Driver's License

After being convicted of a Virginia DUI, you will have to fulfill certain requirements in order to reinstate your Virginia driver's license. These requirements, which will be handed down by a court, may include: 

  • Paying court costs and fines;
  • Attending a driver improvement clinic; and/or
  • Successfully completing a Virginia Alcohol Safety Action program. 

Once these steps are completed, you may be eligible to reinstate your Virginia driver's license. But to do so, you will also have to: 

  • Pay the applicable reinstatement fees;
  • Provide the DMV with a medical and/or vision report from a licensed physician; and
  • Receive a court order permitting restricted driving privileges. 

You will also need to provide the DMV with a completed SR-22 form. The SR-22 is proof from your insurance provider that you have obtained high-risk auto insurance (or liability insurance).

Once you have paid all of your fines, completed the necessary courses, and submitted an SR-22 form from your insurance coverage provider, you may be able to reinstate your Virginia driver's license.

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