As a Richmond driver or motorcycle rider, you should always be aware of other drivers on the road.  However, you should nevermake assumptions about other drivers.  Here are some myths that should be dispelled regarding Richmond motorcycle riders.

-          Motorcycle safety is a contradiction in terms – This idea claims that riding a motorcycle is an inherent risk in itself. The fact that riding a motorcycle entails a greater risk compared to riding a car is widely accepted, but that doesn’t mean that a motorcyclist is, by design, irresponsible. If someone is riding a motorcycle, it isn’t assumed that he or she is responsible for the possible harm that may have occurred in an accident.

-          There is almost no difference between driving a motorcycle and driving a car – There are some key differences between a car and a motorcycle.  One major difference is that a motorcycle is easier to maneuver compared to a car, making it easier for them to avoid accidents.

-          Motorcyclists constantly move from lane to lane – Motorcyclists are often criticized for shifting lanes too often.  What other drivers don’t realize is that this movement is not just for the motorcyclist to get ahead in the traffic.  There is often a point to this movement.  Such reasons include getting out of a strong wind current, avoiding road debris or uneven surfaces, accommodating cars that are close by, and becoming more visible to other cars.

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