Richmond drivers and motorcycle riders should be always be aware of the other while on the roads of Richmond.  It is important that drivers also understand the myths associated with motorcycle riding in order to not make assumptions while on the road.

Here are some of the myths regarding Richmond motorcycle riding and riders.

-          Motorcycles come out of nowhere – This is a common complaint among negligent drivers who fail to notice motorcycles that are in plain view.  It’s true that motorcycles are harder to see due to their smaller size, but this isn’t a reason to disregard their possible presence.  Some drivers also miscalculate the distance between their own car and the motorcycle.

-          Motorcyclists are speeding at all times –This stereotype can be attributed to the sounds that motorcycles make which makes it sound like it’s speeding to other drivers.  Most motorcyclists are responsible drivers, but like car drivers, there are some who disobey the posted speed limits.

-          Motorcyclists are unsociable and hostile – This prejudice has been around for a long time now.  In the past, many motorcyclists were associated with criminal activity.  Motorcyclists are considered to be aggressive on the road. That way of thinking still exists today, but the stereotype has been slowly eroding.

-          The motorcyclist is almost always at fault – With all the misunderstandings above, it is not surprising that motorcyclists often receive the blame for road mishaps involving them. Lawyers call this thinking “presumption of guilt,” and it represents the acceptance of such fallacies.

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