You're in need of a Richmond lawyer.  You seek the classified ads, the internet, and the phonebook for leads on who you can hire.  While searching, you see and hear many things about the lawyer or the law firm you are looking to employ.  They try to market themselves by offering free consultations or talk about how this lawyer is the best as he has worked some high-profile cases.  Richmond lawyers are a clever lot; they know how to sell themselves to possible clients.  They go as far as advertising themselves in a misleading manner by providing information that is more or less hollow.

 Here are some examples tricks Richmond lawyers use to market themselves to the public:

1) "Free initial consultation" - This advertising trick is an offer that is commonly used by many Richmond lawyers.  Despite that, there are still those who advertise this as if they're offering something unique and special to possible clients.

2) "No fee if no recovery" - This advertising trick basically means that payment to the lawyer doesn't have to be made until the case is won or settled.  This is misleading as the client may be led to believe that there will be no expenditures in the meantime.  Expenses such as court filing fees, expert witness fees, and other third party expenses that the attorney may incur and charge to their client are normally involved in personal injury cases.  You should carefully inquire about all the possible costs before choosing your Richmond lawyer.

3) "You may be entitled to cash for your pain" - This advertising trick can harm more than it can help.  Such claims could turn off jury members.  The law aims to uphold the rights of personal injury victims by giving them just compensation; it shouldn't be a platform for victims to score loads of money from the other party.

4) "Lawyer X is the best" - Anyone can claim that they are the best at what they do.  But that doesn't mean they're telling the truth.  There's no way to tell which lawyer is superior as there is no standard that exists to measure this.  

5) "Member of the Million Dollar Roundtable or Million Dollar Advocate Club" - This advertising trick means that the lawyer has supposedly won a case costing a million dollars or more.  This, however, does not indicate a lawyer's ability.  All this tells us is that he or she simply represented someone who endured an exceptional injury or loss.  

6) "A lawyer with a huge number of years of experience" - The years of experience of a lawyer may not matter at all if the said years were spent on cases that are irrelevant to your needs.  Years of experience also do not always equal quality service.  

7) "Lawyer X was a former prosecutor" - This advertising trick may or may not benefit your case in Richmond.  If it is a crime that you are charged with, then this may somewhat help.  Otherwise, it won't be of much assistance.
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