If you are convicted of a Virginia DUI, then you will most likely see your insurance costs skyrocket as a result. This is because your insurance provider will classify you as a high-risk driver. What's more, your policy may be cancelled or simply non-renewed. Then you will be forced to find a new car insurance provider, which will be difficult with a DUI conviction and an insurance cancellation on your record.

To try and avoid a costly conviction by beating your DUI charge, you can get the help of a Virginia DUI defense attorney.

How will my insurer find out about my Virginia DUI conviction? 

An auto insurer may check your record when you apply for a new insurance policy. A DUI conviction will most likely show up when they check your previous driving record. Furthermore, most states require DUI offenders to get a form called an SR-22. This form, which you must request from your insurer, will prove to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that you have purchased liability insurance, which is necessary in order to renew your license after it has been suspended.

The SR-22 also requires your insurer to notify the DMV if your insurance policy is cancelled for any reason.
Some insurers won't even offer an SR-22 policy, and in that case, your policy may be cancelled altogether after a Virginia DUI conviction.

Your Virginia DUI conviction can also follow you from state-to-state. If you have an SR-22 and then move to another state, even a state that does not require the SR-22 form, you will still need to meet the requirements of the state where you received the DUI.

Some states charge a fee for the SR-22 form. To know how this might apply to your Virginia DUI conviction, seek the advice of a Virginia DUI defense attorney.

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