Litchford was found guilty of his 4th DUI within 10 years, as well as driving on a revoked license. He was also convicted of DUI while driving with children in the vehicle. The judge did, however, dismiss 2 charges of felony child endangerment, citing that the DUI alone was not sufficient evidence to prove that Litchford had "willfully and wantonly" endangered his children.

A key part of the DUI defense involved in this particular case was that the arresting officer did not see Litchford driving erratically or weaving. Additionally, Litchford pulled over immediately once the officer indicated him to do so. It was this behavior that helped convince the judge in the case that Litchford was not driving in a way that endangered his children, even though he was speeding and his BAC was slightly above the legal limit.

The Importance of a Solid DUI Defense

As the Litchford case clearly demonstrates, even the most severe Virginia DUI charges can and should be fought against in the court of law. As a non-lawyer with only minimal knowledge of DUI laws, the courts are not expecting you to understand how to question the evidence the State has against you or even what your rights really are!

Having an experienced Virginia DUI defense lawyer on your side can help dismiss or reduce the serious DUI charges against you
. Considering the consequences a DUI conviction will have on your insurance rates, ability to drive, and even to get a job, isn't it worth it to have a real expert defending your rights?

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