Misconception: There isn't much difference among Richmond lawyers.

Reality: Lawyers have different areas of specialty and levels of ability.  Some continue to hone their knowledge throughout their career, while others stop doing so when they've landed a job.

Misconception: All Richmond lawyers go to trials.

Reality: Not every one of them goes through a trial; personal injury lawyers are the primary ones who do not go to trial.

Misconception: A lawyer referral service is the most effective method of finding a lawyer in Richmond.

Reality: This isn't true in all cases as states have different requirements for a lawyer to be included in their referral service.

Misconception: "Pick-a-lawyer" websites are useful tools in finding a Richmond lawyer.

Reality: This can be helpful in your search, but always keep in mind that such sites have varying standards.  To be put on the website, these sites may only necessitate a check from the lawyer.

Misconception: The advertisement on personal injury specialty is allowed in Richmond by the State Bar.

Reality:  Advertising on any area of specialty is basically unrestricted.

Misconception: A Richmond lawyer advertising for personal injury must be an expert on that field.

Reality: Being able to advertise doesn't equal experience.  He/she may be a new on this area of law for all you know.

Misconception: Successful Richmond lawyers advertise on TV.

Reality: Your decision shouldn't be based on the medium a lawyer employs to advertise himself. Interviewing the lawyer on his skills and experience is the way to go.

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