Here in Virginia, it could be argued that we have it all. With easy access to the ocean, beautiful mountains, and the nation’s capital, Virginians enjoy a unique blend of nature and culture that other states can only envy.

Unfortunately, Virginia also plays host to some of the strictest driving laws in the nation. If you are convicted of reckless driving here, you are not simply facing an expensive ticket and a few points on your license—you could be looking at jail time and a permanent criminal record.

Wait—A Criminal Record for Speeding?

Unlike other states where you pay your speeding ticket and face a point or two on your license, when you are cited for reckless driving while speeding in Virginia, you need to act quickly to ensure that you will not face permanent repercussions. If you are convicted of reckless driving while speeding in Virginia, you face:

  • Six points on your license
  • Hefty fines
  • License suspension up to six months
  • Jail time for convictions over 90 mph
  • A Class 1 misdemeanor on your permanent criminal record

Looking at these harsh penalties, you would picture reckless driving while speeding as a car going well over 100 mph, weaving wildly in and out of traffic and putting every driver on the road in grave danger. In reality, Virginia will cite a driver with reckless driving while speeding for meeting either of these two conditions:

  • Driving over 80 mph
  • Driving 20 mph or more over the posted speed limit

Law enforcement officers could even charge a person with reckless driving while speeding if he is driving under the speed limit, provided the officer feels as though the person is driving too fast for traffic conditions.

Lifelong Consequences With a Single Citation

Virginia driving laws punish those cited with reckless driving while speeding as severely as someone with a DUI charge, but many people do not understand the gravity of a reckless driving while speeding citation. Everyone knows the lifelong impact a DUI could have, so those accused of that offense act quickly to hire a lawyer and address the charges immediately. Unfortunately, many drivers do not understand the severity of a reckless driving while speeding charge, and write it off as simply a speeding ticket—until it haunts them later.

Insurance rate hikes for reckless driving while speeding charges can be larger than those related to DUI charges, and your rates can be affected for over a decade. Even after your rates could adjust, many insurance companies will ask if you have ever had your license suspended, which could affect your rate for many more years to come.

Most importantly, having a criminal conviction on your record is permanent. This can affect your job and any future opportunities that you would have otherwise been able to look forward to.

Protect Your Future: Contact an Experienced Attorney Today

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