Posted on Dec 14, 2006
Bob Battle's new blog "Virginia Traffic and DUI Defense" provides more valuable information and insight about Virginia traffic, DUI and criminal law and related topics. As radio personality Chip Franklin has stated, "I love checking out Bob Battle's blog on traffic and law related matters. It is the print version of his segment on my radio show called 'Law and Disorder.' The blog is just like Bob Battle- intelligent, informative, always interesting, and, quite often, hilarious." Some recent topics that are the subjects of posts on this blog are: -MADD Uses Donations to Buy Beer for Virginia DUI Defense Lawyer! -Henrico County Police Officer Receives Slap on the Wrist for Stealing and Dealing Marijuana -Virginia DUI-Related Deaths Down for Third Straight Year -New Prison Comedy Movie No Laughing Matter Battle's "Virginia Traffic and DUI Defense" blog is located on the web at
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