Posted on Dec 08, 2006
For 18 of the 22 years that he has been practicing law, Bob has moonlighted as a professional standup comedian. Most of his clients would be stunned to hear this fact. That suits Bob Battle just fine. "On my business card, I have written the words 'Helping People in Trouble for over Two Decades' " stated Battle. "There is nothing funny about the situation my clients find themselves in when they need my legal help." When Bob Battle left the Fairfax Commonwealth Attorney's office in 1986, The Washington Times wrote an article about his dual careers. When asked about Battle's stern courtroom demeanor, public defender Carol Burney stated, "He's all business in the court room. He won't endanger the solemnity of the proceedings. We've had our battles, but we've always come back as friends, and I think that says a lot about his character." Everyone has to deal with a tremendous amount of stress in their lives. Everyone could use more laughter in their day. Obviously, Bob Battle takes the approach that it is possible (and healthy) to take your clients' cases seriously without taking yourself too seriously. With that in mind, Bob Battle is going to develop an award for those who bring laughter into his life and display a great sense of humor. The winners will be presented with genuine Bob Battle bobblehead dolls! (Which will be arriving soon.) However, I am proud to announce the first winner of the "Bob-L-Head" or "Bobby" award at this time- comedian Jeff Caldwell. This buddy of mine, a professional comedian, got his long overdue big break with an appearance on the David Letterman show, and he delivered one of the funniest routines I have ever witnessed on Letterman! To watch a video of Jeff Caldwell's hilarious sets on Letterman and "Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" click here
Bob Battle
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