Posted on Jan 12, 2009

The Associated Press reported Lindsay Lohan was arrested on suspicion of DUI at 5:30 Sunday morning, May 27, after her convertible struck a curb on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills just five blocks from her residence. A bodyguard had dropped her off at her car after she and friends were bar-hopping through the early-morning hours, according to

Lohan was treated at a hospital for minor injuries. Two passengers in her $180,000 2005 Mercedes SL-65 were not injured.

Cocaine Found at the Scene

It appeared the 20-year-old actress was speeding when she hit the curb, according to Lt. Mitch McCann. At the scene, police found a drug tentatively identified as cocaine. McCann said Lohan did not have the drug on her presence.

Beverly Hills Sheriffs responded to a 911 call about a driver losing control of a vehicle at Sunset Blvd. and Foothill Road. Police later arrested Lohan at a hospital for investigation of misdemeanor driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, McCann said. Because she was admitted to a hospital, Lohan was released from police custody. At a specified date, Lohan will have to appear in court August 24 to answer the citation.

Incident was Lohan’s Third in Two Years

The crash was Lohan's third accident in two years. In October 2005, Lohan and a passenger received minor injuries when her convertible hit a van in West Hollywood. However, authorities said the van driver, who also received minor injuries, was at fault. Earlier the same year, Lohan collided with a minivan when she made a U-turn as the van, carrying paparazzi, trailed her from a Los Angeles restaurant. A photographer was arrested for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon but prosecutors declined to charge him. That crash prompted Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign a law that set steep financial penalties for paparazzi who commit assaults while trying to obtain celebrity photographs.

Lohan checked into a rehabilitation center for substance abuse treatment in January. Her publicist confirmed the actress was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Lohan told Allure magazine she decided to enter the Wonderland Center at the suggestion of her therapist.

Lohan's latest movie, "Georgia Rule," is in theaters now. The actress' other screen credits include "Mean Girls," "Bobby," "A Prairie Home Companion" and "Freaky Friday."

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