You Can’t Win on an Issue if your Lawyer Fails to Recognize and Raise it!

2nd DUI and Refusal Amended to Reckless Driving in Spotsylvania 

“I wanted to write you to thank you and your firm for your outstanding representation on my behalf regarding my DUI- 2nd Offense in 5 Years and Refusal charges that were recently finalized in Spotsylvania County.  As you know, the penalties I was facing threatened to put me in jail for a minimum of 20 days and to force my company into bankruptcy.  Other serious consequences involved losing my license for up to 6 years.

Prior to selecting your firm during a statewide search, I held consultations with 4 local law firms and I initially retained an attorney who I felt was giving me lackluster representation.   As I imagine is the approach taken by most DUI attorneys, my original attorney suggested immediately enrolling in substance abuse counseling and essentially begging the prosecutor for mercy.  During our initial consultation I realized that you approach each case individually and fight for your clients’ rights.  Furthermore, you have a profound wealth of knowledge and understanding of DUI and traffic law. You spoke about potential issues that none of the other lawyers were even aware of in my case.

Your efforts on my behalf led to the reduction of my 2nd DUI AND a Refusal charge to Reckless Driving – a far better outcome than I could have ever hoped for.  Even when the prosecutor offered a plea of a DUI 1st, you went back to the table and negotiated the lesser Reckless Driving charge.  Because of your efforts one of the most stressful periods in my life is over and my life is back on track.  I can’t thank you enough and I will strongly recommend that anyone in a similar situation give you a call to discuss your representation.”

-Client, Spotsylvania, VA