Arlington County DUI charge Dismissed 

"Bob Battle- His Name Says it All!"

 Like most people, when I was charged with DUI in Arlington, Virginia, I was extremely nervous and apprehensive before trial. I am at the height of my professional career, and I have and need my top-secret security clearance. A DUI conviction would ruin my career.

 When I met with Bob, I told him about meeting with another lawyer who suggested I plead guilty and it gives me great pleasure to quote Bob’s response “If you want to plead guilty on these facts, please find another attorney.”

  Let me assure you that by trial Bob has a plan and knows how to work it. At trial Bob’s intense focus does not allow or afford panic. He is cool under fire and gave me the assurance and representation I deserved.  The police officer was visibly annoyed and frustrated on Bob’s cross-examination as Bob exposed that he had ignored “the book” in his “field sobriety tests.” In fact, Bob was so relentless in grilling the officer, you would think Bob was the one on trial and not me. The end result- not guilty. I was convinced and it was demonstrated in the course of my case that this man means business and is “the truth!”

-Client, Senior Information Security Program Manager/ Engineer