Fairfax VA DUI Charge Dropped  Due to Breath Machine Problem

"... my career is saved!"

"When I was charged with DUI in Fairfax County I searched for a lawyer as if my life depended on it. Certainly my livelihood depended on it. I am a professional and my employment contract stated that I would be fired if my license was ever suspended or restricted. I was shocked when the breath machine blew a .14 and I wanted a lawyer with the expertise to attack this breath machine.

Bob does not leave Richmond to meet potential clients, but I was more than willing to make the 200+ mile trip to consult with Bob in person. I hired Bob at the conclusion of the consultation and it was one of the best and most important decisions I have made in my life. Bob proved to be worth every penny of his fee.

Bob developed a new defense based on the replacement "chopper motor" that had been placed in the Intoxilyzer 5000 breath machine used in my case. He was the first lawyer in the entire state of Virginia to convince a judge to let an expert test this machine. Just hours before our expert was set to test the machine, the prosecutor offered a plea bargain to the reduced charge of Reckless Driving, with no license suspension. (Read "Fairfax agrees to Reduce DUI charge.")Thanks to Bob Battle's expertise and understanding of complex technical issues, my career is saved and I keep a great job instead of being another unemployment statistic."

-Client, Fairfax, VA