Going the Extra Mile for Clients

 NJ College Student's  Reckless Driving/Speeding in Chesterfield County is Reduced

"While driving through Chesterfield, VA, my 20 year old son was issued a summons for driving at a speed of 89 mph in a 65 mph zone on I-64. Reckless Driving in Virginia is a criminal charge in the same classification as DWI. The consequences confronting my son were serious and included the loss of a full college semester, a permanently impaired driving record and drastically higher insurance premiums.

With shock and utter disbelief, I searched the internet for help and hit upon Bob Battle’s website. Mr. Battle agreed to represent my son and did so at multiple court appearances without my son having to travel from New Jersey to Virginia a single time. Despite numerous examples of my son’s exemplary past behavior, the prosecutor was unwilling to offer anything other than a conviction as charged. Mr. Battle developed an innovative legal argument objecting to the admissibility of the radar evidence that no other attorney in all of Virginia had previously considered. The judge requested the admissibility argument be briefed, causing the trial to be postponed, and when rescheduled, the prosecutor vindictively attempted to demand my son be present in court. In response - and at no extra fee despite yet another court appearance - Bob Battle filed a separate motion to waive the presence of my son at trial which was granted by the judge.

Ultimately, due to Mr. Battle’s efforts and legal acumen, and over the objection of the prosecutor, my son was convicted of the minor offense of Improper Driving. Considering the potential, the result was not only favorable, it was remarkable. It is without hesitation I recommend Mr. Battle to anyone in need of legal services in the State of Virginia." -Renny W. Hodgskin, New Jersey