Guaranteed- Free Representation on Appeal to Circuit Court

 “The case below best exemplifies why I offer my GUARANTEE that if you are convicted and wish to appeal your DUI or Reckless Driving conviction for a new trial, I will represent you for free on appeal to Circuit Court. Sometimes, the client feels that he/she did not get a fair shake in their first trial.”

–Bob Battle

DC Exotic Dancer's DUI Charge Dismissed on Appeal in Fairfax County 

“While returning home very late at night after working as an exotic dancer at a club in D.C., I was charged with DUI in Fairfax County. Customers buy us drinks at the club and I was surprised that my BAC was a .13 at the police station. At my first trial, the courtroom bailiff asked me to sign a form stating that I was notified that my license was suspended for a DUI conviction while the prosecutor was beginning his closing argument!

I decided to appeal, and, as you promised, you represented me for free on appeal. You filed a motion to dismiss on the grounds that there was no legal basis to arrest me for DUI. I will never forget your cross examination of the trooper about his testimony that, on one of his “tests,” I counted backwards from 46 to 32 instead of stopping at 34. You asked him if he was aware of any scientific studies relating counting 2 extra numbers to alcohol intoxication. He indicated that he was. From there you pummeled him with questions proving that he had lied and finally the judge said he had heard enough. While granting your motion to dismiss my DUI charge, the judge told the trooper that there were already two lawyers arguing the case and it was not the trooper’s job to be the third lawyer!”

–Client, Fairfax, VA