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Reckless Driving/Speeding in Virginia."
URGENT - OUT OF STATE and OUT OF AREA Motorists - It's a SERIOUS criminal charge!

Every day, hundreds of men and women are charged with Reckless Driving/Speeding in Virginia. Especially out-of-state motorists are shocked to find out that what they had initially perceived to be a "glorified speeding ticket" carries with it potentially devastating consequences:

  • Go to Jail - Motorists routinely go to jail and lose their license for speeds above 90 mph.
  • Permanent Criminal Record - unlike a traffic offense, the criminal conviction is permanent!
  • Lose Your Job, Security Clearance and/or Commercial License - Even those who were cited traveling 80 mph and above are looking at a possible loss of job, their license (including Commercial Driver's License) and their security clearance.
  • Insurance Nightmare - in fact, some insurance companies are raising rates more for a conviction of Reckless Driving/Speeding than for a DUI

FREE Consumer Guide Reveals
the Facts You Need to Know

A new book from Former Prosecutor Bob Battle separates the myths from the facts. And reveals how to get your case successfully resolved - in many cases without you ever having to appear in court. This free Consumer Guide is a must read, especially for out-of-state or out-of-area motorists not familiar with the way area courts along I-95, I-85 and I-64 handle traffic cases.

Questions answered include "Should I Hire an Attorney?" and "What Are My Options?" The book also arms you with the 10 Questions you must ask to have the best chance of winning your case. After 24+ years litigating thousands of serious traffic cases, Bob Battle's advice: BEWARE lazy lawyers who give misleading sales pitches, then:

  • send a less-experienced lawyer to court (at your expense)
  • are unaware of the technical defenses to Radar, Laser, VASCAR and Paces
  • talk a good game, but plead you guilty without a fight, and/or
  • whose only actual contact with your case is when they cash your check!

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Author Bob Battle has been interviewed by CNN, the CBS Evening News and The Washington Post about Virginia's Reckless Driving Speeding laws. He is a former prosecutor and federal law clerk who has earned the highest ratings a lawyer can obtain for legal ability and ethics. He has received national attention for his defense of several current and former pro athletes and public figures.

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