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Richmond, Virginia DUI and Reckless Driving Speeding Lawyer Bob Battle

Going to Battle for Your Legal Rights!

If you are charged in Virginia with the serious criminal traffic offenses of DUI/DWI or Reckless Driving Speeding, you have to make some big, potentially life-changing decisions in a hurry. There is an easy way to cut through all the hype you are bombarded with on TV, the internet, your mailbox, and the Yellow Pages. Former prosecutor and top rated Richmond-area traffic lawyer Bob Battle has written the two consumer guides featured on this page to arm you with the truth and to provide you with the valuable information you need prior to speaking to any lawyer about your case.

NCDD National College for DUI Defense: Robert E. BattleProbably the most significant choice you will make will be which lawyer you choose to represent your legal rights. You are the client and you must demand that your lawyer tell you: "Who will be representing me in court at my DUI or Reckless Driving Speeding trial?" In a serious case, the lawyer you entrust with your legal fate will quickly become the most influential person in your life, for better or for worse! Virginia is brimming with lawyers who are more interested in making money for themselves than in answering the needs of clients and providing outstanding service and results. Many have a paralegal or associate do all the work in your case. Even more alarming, many firms, even some firms that spend a lot of money advertising online, will feel free to send any of their lawyers to represent you on your court date, often notifying you of this fact for the first time on the night before your trial or without telling you at all!

Your case is too important to be pawned off on a paralegal or a new associate who needs directions to find the courthouse!

Robert E. Battle, PC, Attorney at Law BBB Business Review

Attorney Bob Battle sees the consequences of incompetent lawyering every day, and knows that even mere competent representation will not suffice. In his controversial book available on this website titled “How to Choose a Virginia DUI Lawyer,” Bob Battle includes a section titled “20 Ways Lawyers Lose Winnable DUI Cases for their Clients." Richmond, Virginia DUI attorney Bob Battle is the author of the popular and informative blog, “Virginia DUI Lawyer” and has written 3 books on DUI: "Virginia DUI Defense: The Law and Practice" with James Nesci, Lawyers and Judges Publishing 2012, “The DUI Book: The Guilt Myth,” and “How to Choose a DUI Lawyer in Virginia.” Bob is also a highly sought out seminar lecturer on all facets of DUI defense: Technical (“Attacking Field Sobriety Testing”); Procedural (“Defending DUI cases in Federal Court”); and Tactical (“Winning Your Trial with Style: Teaching Lawyers the Untaught Art of Persuasion” –soon to be made into a book). A former Fairfax prosecutor and federal law clerk, Bob Battle, has achieved the highest rating a lawyer can receive for Legal Ability and Ethics.

What is Bob Battle's background, experience, and reputation in defending DUI and Reckless Speeding Cases?

Virginia DUI Defense book by Robert Battle and James NesciThere are two national online lawyer rating services. Bob Battle not only has the highest ratings on both of them, he has perfect ratings on these rating services. Bob Battle was rated Preeminent 5.0 out of 5.0 AV by Martindale-Hubbell, their highest rating for legal ability and ethical standards. As of the beginning of January 2010, Bob has been rated "Superb 10.0 out of 10" by Avvo.com, setting him apart from other DUI and Reckless Driving lawyers in the Richmond, VA area.

As a solo practitioner who works daily in the state and federal courtrooms throughout the Eastern half of Virginia in Hanover County, Greensville County, Caroline County and Dinwiddie County; Bob demonstrates how energetic and experienced legal representation can always make a difference in the outcomes DUI, reckless driving speeding and other serious traffic cases. A former state prosecutor and federal law clerk, Bob Battle brings over 30 years of litigation experience to fight for your legal rights. Bob has helped thousands of Virginians and out-of state motorists who have suddenly found themselves in cases of: