As you enter Virginia from North Carolina, Greensville County officials are ready to greet you - with criminal charges of reckless driving speeding if you are traveling 81 mph or higher. Just over the Virginia border in North Carolina, the speed limit is 70 mph. Many Virginia and out of state motorists continue on I 95 from North Carolina into Greensville County, Virginia keeping up with the flow of traffic which is typically extremely close to 81 mph. They are often charged with reckless driving speeding. Reckless Driving Speeding is a very serious and if you are convicted it is a permanent criminal offense. Virginia Code Section 46.2-862, the Reckless Driving Speeding Statute, states that any speed above 80 mph constitutes Reckless Driving!

WARNING to those accused of Reckless Driving Speeding in VA

Beware officers or clerks telling you that you can just "pay it off."

Bob Battle and his "of counsel" Claude Whitehead, a former prosecutor with thousands of Reckless Driving Speeding cases handled in Virginia, who teams with Bob to fight Reckless Driving Speeding charges in Greensville and Emporia, regularly speak to potential clients who state that the officer or a clerk at the courthouse told them that they could avoid coming to court by paying an amount of money and that they would also lose their ability to drive in Virginia for a month or so. Many out of state motorists incorrectly assume that, by paying money, they are "paying it off" their record. Many motorists from states that have "post and forfeit" provisions or "probation before judgment" laws know that, in their home states, there is no conviction on their traffic record.

In Virginia, when you send in your payment, YOU ARE PLEADING GUILTY, PERIOD.

You not only have a traffic conviction, you have a criminal record. Most people do not learn this nightmarish outcome until they are applying for a job, a security clearance, grad school or anything that requires a background record check. And by that time, there is nothing that can be done- the record is permanent.

Bob Battle recently spoke to a young woman who was charged with reckless driving speeding in Greensville County passing through on her way home from Spring Break a year ago. She contacted the clerk's office and was told that, in lieu of coming all the way back to court, she could just pay a fine. Fast forward a year later and her acceptance to a prestigious graduate school was rescinded because of her criminal conviction of reckless driving speeding!

"Bob Battle wrote the Book on Reckless Driving in Virginia," Mark Holmberg, CBS6 News, Richmond, VA

If you've been charged with reckless driving speeding then you need information about the serious charges against you and how to choose the best lawyer for your defense. Please download a free book, "The Shocking Truth about Reckless Driving Speeding in Virginia" written by experienced Virginia reckless driving attorney Bob Battle.

Why are There So Many Reckless Driving Speeding Charges in Greensville County?

For Greensville County officials, charging Virginia and out of state motorists with reckless driving speeding is not simply a matter of traffic enforcement. It is also a means of raising revenue. Several years ago, a member of the Emporia town council resigned out of frustration over the use of reckless driving criminal charges as a municipal money maker.

What Happens if You've Been Charged with Reckless Driving in Greensville County

If you've been charged with reckless driving speeding in Emporia or Greensville County then you face serious criminal charges. If you are not represented by an attorney then you can spend a significant amount of time and money travelling and appearing before a judge at the combined Emporia Greensville County Courthouse and still walk away with the permanent consequences of a criminal conviction.

How A Greensville County Reckless Attorney Can Help You

At the Greensville County Emporia courthouse, lawyers have the opportunity to plea bargain with police officers, state troopers and/or prosecutors but people who represent themselves proceed directly to trial before a judge. That provides drivers who've been accused of reckless driving and are represented by counsel with an important advantage- an extra opportunity to get the case reduced or dismissed. In the vast majority of cases, Greensville County Reckless Driving Lawyer Bob Battle has been able to resolve cases without clients ever having to travel from other parts of Virginia or from out of state to fight the charges against them.

Contact Greensville County Reckless Driving Lawyer Bob Battle

Attorney Bob Battle is a former prosecutor with 30 years experience in litigating Virginia reckless driving cases. He is the Greensville County reckless driving attorney who is frequently contacted by the news media to comment on important issues facing Virginia and out of state motorists. 

Michael Dresser of the Baltimore Sun calls Attorney Bob Battle a "lawyer who knows his stuff". You deserve a lawyer who knows his stuff and one with 30 years of experience and a commitment to helping people charged with reckless driving speeding in Virginia.

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Testimonial by Bob Battle Client

Hired Bob Battle to fight a charge in Henrico County for a DUI which can not only carry harsh penalties, but can be very expensive as well. I travel for my job and there was no way I could loose my license for any period of time regarding work. I met with Mr. Battle and he went over his presentation of my case and I was immediately convinced that this is the attorney I want in my corner! Mr. Battle should be "your" choice if you are ever charged with a DUI/DWI. My charge was dismissed with the expertise and knowledge that Bob Battle brought to the courtroom. Worth every $$$$$$$
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