The penalties for a Virginia DUI are pretty tough to begin with. Upon conviction, you will likely face license suspensions, hefty fines, and even time in jail. The severity of your penalties will be determined by your blood alcohol content (BAC) level at the time you were driving, and whether or not you were already convicted of a previous DUI charge.

Fines for a Virginia DUI range between $250 and $2,500, and for your first offense you may face up to a 12-month-sentence in jail (though this is unlikely for a first offense). If you are deemed a repeat offender (after your fourth DUI conviction) you will face a minimum 1 year jail sentence.

To discourage people from DUI while transporting children (aged 17 or younger), Virginia has issued a mandatory jail sentence for those convicted of doing so. If you are convicted of a Virginia DUI while transporting children, you will face a mandatory 5-day jail sentence in addition to all other penalties and fines. If you are convicted of this for a second time, you face an additional 80 hours of community service.

These are serious charges and should be taken seriously. Hiring an experienced Virginia DUI defense attorney to work on your side may be the only way to adequately fight these charges in court!

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