A Virginia DUI is a serious crime which you don't want to be convicted of. Penalties include license suspensions, hefty fines, and the possibility of time in jail. And these penalties will be even more severe if you are driving with children in your vehicle.

If you are convicted of any Virginia DUI charge while children (aged 17 or younger) are in your vehicle, you will face a mandatory 5 day jail sentence in addition to all other penalties and fines
. The other penalties and fines will depend on your blood alcohol content (BAC) level at the time of the incident, and whether you've had any prior DUI convictions.

If you are driving with children you may also be hit with an additional fine of between $500 and $1000
. A second offense of DUI with children will carry a penalty of 80 hours of community service, in addition to all other penalties and fines.

If you have been falsely charged with a Virginia DUI then you need to fight your charges! An attorney who is familiar with Virginia DUI laws can educate you on your rights and how they may be able to help get your Virginia DUI charges reduced or dismissed.

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