In June, a border-collie/coonhound mix named Ollie survived a DUI incident in Virginia Beach. Ollie was in the back seat of a Ford Excursion when Chantal Dennison, the dog's owner, lost control of her vehicle, which swerved off the road and crashed into some trees. While Dennison was pinned inside the Ford with a dislocated hip, a police officer arrived to the scene and pulled Ollie from the vehicle. Dennison later appeared in court on Virginia DUI charges.

But that wasn't Ollie's first run-in with the Virginia authorities this year. Just one month earlier, the dog had managed to wedge herself inside a 10-inch concrete pipe. While Dennison mused that her accident-prone pet must have been chasing a rabbit or a frog, an Animal Control Officer tried to free Ollie by breaking the pipe with a sledgehammer. When that plan failed, firefighters were called in with their heavy hitting power saws.

Ollie was cut free, only to be involved in a DUI crash just one month later. While police at the scene did not recognize Ollie (her first rescue had, in fact, been at the hands of Virginia firefighters), they were happy to have given the animal her third chance at life.

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