The first thing that you should understand about insurance companies is that they want to get out of this situation with as little damage to their bottom line as possible. That’s true with your insurance company, and it’s especially true of the insurance company of the person that caused your injury. To clarify that point, 2005 was a year of record profits for insurers of all types, despite the billions of dollars worth of damages caused by Hurricane Katrina. Insurers didn’t earn those record profits by writing a lot of checks. So they will do everything they can to avoid deep financial responsibility, including offering you lowball settlements that wont reflect your needs, outright denial of responsibility, and stalling you into accepting bad deals. If your injury requires long term medical care, you have no business talking to an insurance company without a lawyer. Through years of experience and dealing with insurance companies, Bob Battle knows a fair and adequate settlement when he sees it. If you have received one, he’ll tell you. And if you haven’t, he’ll do his best to see that the insurers live up to their responsibility.
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