You've just been issued a Virginia speeding ticket. You're thinking about engaging the services of a Virginia reckless driving attorney to handle this citation for you. But how do you know which attorney will be the best choice for your case?

Experience is Key

When choosing a Virginia reckless driving attorney, the most important element to take into account is experience. So be sure to ask any lawyer you are considering hiring about the number of years they have been practicing law.

More specifically, you need to determine how much experience a lawyer has in representing defendants who have been charged with speeding or reckless driving in Virginia. If they give you an evasive answer, ask them about some of the common technical and legal defenses used when fighting these charges.

You should also determine how many reckless driving cases that a given lawyer has taken to trial. In order to mount a vigorous legal defense, your attorney must be willing to take your case to the trial stage.

A lengthy traffic trial resume indicates that the attorney has no qualms about appearing before a judge or jury on your behalf; but the opposite may imply that a lawyer will just try to dispose of your Virginia speeding ticket as quickly as possible. In the land of lawyers, trial experience is generally what separates orators, debaters, and advocates from the desk jockeys and paper-pushers.

One sign that a Virginia reckless driving attorney is qualified and competent is a history of working as a prosecutor. Former prosecutors have experience on both sides of the courtroom in reckless driving cases; so as defense lawyers, they know how the case will be argued by the state. Ex-prosecutors will usually highlight this fact in their advertising; but if lawyers don't mention prosecutorial experience, it's probably because they don't have any.

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