At Bob Battle Law, a satisfied client is our primary goal. We accept the great difficulty of our areas of expertise in DUI and Reckless Driving Speeding defense. Prior to even contacting our firm, in 100% of our cases, a magistrate has determined that it is more likely than not that our client is guilty!

You can read below what former clients have said about their experience with being defended by Bob Battle. Click on the excerpt to read the entire review

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  • Fairfax DUI reduced to Reckless Driving

    Fairfax County VA DUI Charge reduced to Reckless Driving “Bob is bright and is well-versed on Virginia law, especially as it relates to DUI and other criminal cases. With Bob as my counsel, I was confident heading into the courtoom. Sure enough, the result was favorable. I could have served time. Instead, I was cited for Reckless Driving and a minimal fine. I would hire Bob again in a minute. I would also refer him to anyone seeking expert counsel.” -W.S., Alexandria, VA

  • Stafford County Possession of Marijuana charges Dismissed at Trial

    The following amusing testimonial was recently posted on Facebook.com: I had a low life, overweight, ignorant,  Stafford county cop try to take advantage of my friend and I. Big B took this cops twisted story and made him choke on it. Bob caught him up in several lies and gave the judge no choice but to find me ‘Not Guilty.’ Bob Battle, don't let his size fool you. He has a bite to fear. He brought justice to the table. Thanks Bob!" -Client, Stafford, VA

  • Chesterfield County, VA ┬áReckless Driving Charge Dismissed

    Chesterfield County, VA  Reckless Driving Charge Dismissed “Your kindness in agreeing to take my court case touched me deeply. More than that, your patience and clarity in explaining the court procedure to me helped erase my feelings of anxiety and dread. What may have seemed like a routine day at court to you will always be a momentous event in my life! Thank you.” -Margaret Waddell, Chesterfield, VA

  • Henrico County Reckless Driving Speeding 89 in a 65 Dismissed

    Henrico County Reckless Driving Speeding 89 in a 65 Dismissed “Thank you very much for your time and efforts. I am very happy with the outcome. Words can not describe my feelings now. This is definitely one of the happiest days in my life. I just want to say ‘thank you.’ For sure, I will tell your name to people I know in case they need your service. Moreover, I am going to write a testimonial so you can put my story on your website. When I surfed your website, I found those testimonials are very powerful. They are vivid stories telling your prowess and experiences. That is what made me hire you at the first place. So, wait for my story.” - Dr. D.G., Client, Immune Disease Institute, Harvard University,Boston, MA No need to send your “story,” Dr. G, you just did! Thanks to you and everyone listed above for your kind words. –Bob Battle