In this video, Greensville Emporia reckless driving speeding lawyer Bob Battle discusses the details of reckless driving speeding charges.

Traveling over 80 mph in Virginia can lead to a charge of reckless driving speeding. Some areas in Virginia enforce this more heavily than others; two such areas are Greensville County and Emporia.

Enforcement is so aggressive that criticism of Greensville and Emporia has come from AAA, and even local politicians. They are criticized for using these charges as a way to simply generate revenue.

If you are facing this charge, it is important to understand that you have not just received a speeding ticket. You are in fact facing a criminal charge. As a result, it is vital to find a lawyer that can represent you well.

Bob Battle doesn’t represent clients facing speeding infractions. Instead, he specializes in the criminal charges of reckless driving speeding. Mr. Battle’s firm has represented 100s of cases in this region and knows the differences and preferences of the two judges that handle cases.

Information is also important when dealing with these charges. The Bob Battle Law website has information that can help you understand your situation. Mr. Battle has also made his book available for download, which is called The Shocking Truth About Reckless Driving/Speeding in Virginia.

If you want representation that has local experience with Greensville Emporia reckless driving speeding cases, call Bob Battle today at 804.673.5600.

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