Hanover County reckless driving speeding lawyer Bob Battle introduces the details relating to reckless driving charges in this area.

If you have traveled through the areas within Hanover County, you are likely familiar with how aggressively it is enforced for reckless driving speeding.

In Virginia Code Section 46.2–862, it specifies that any speed above 80 mph can lead to a charge of reckless driving. Mr. Battle’s firm does not deal with simple traffic infractions, but instead focuses on the serious charge of reckless driving speeding.

Mr. Battle also represents many cases in Hanover County. Because of this, his firm is familiar with what the judges are willing or not willing to do, and what the judges consider important or not important. This level of experience with the Hanover County courts allows Bob Battle to strongly represent these cases.

In fact, Bob Battle even guarantees that if you lose your court case and decide to appeal to the higher Virginia Circuit Court, his firm will represent you for free. When an appeal is won, your reckless driving speeding conviction will be wiped clean.

Have you been charged with Hanover County reckless driving speeding? If so, get the help you need by contacting Bob Battle at 804.673.5600. He has also authored a book on the topic of reckless driving that can be found on his website, called The Shocking Truth About Reckless Driving/Speeding in Virginia.

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