Virginia reckless driving speeding lawyer Bob Battle talks about what you should ask of a lawyer when you are seeking representation.

In Mr. Battle’s recently released book, called The Shocking Truth About Reckless Driving/Speeding in Virginia, he goes over this very topic. In fact, he points out that the first and perhaps most important questions is, “Who is coming to court and what is their background and experience?”

Mr. Battle has represented numerous cases and has noticed a trend in the jurisdictions that he goes to. This trend is the invasion of the internet and the “robo firms.” You may have already come across them in your search for representation. These websites simply repeat sentences with keywords and don’t specifically say who is going to represent you. It might even be that whoever represents you from a “robo firm” will need to have directions to get to court.

Unlike these firms, Bob Battle Law has a tremendous amount of expertise and experience with Virginia reckless driving speeding cases. Mr. Battle’s firm will never need directions to your court hearing. If you are considering using a “robo firm,” ask them questions like, “How many judges does the county have?” “What days do they hear cases?” “Who is the common wealth attorney?” and even “Where is the court house located?”

If you are seeking representation from someone who knows the answers to these questions and more, call Bob Battle Law today at 804.673.5600.
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