In this informative video, Virginia Reckless Driving Speeding Lawyer Bob Battle explains why choosing the cheapest lawyer may not always be the best decision.

"If you were a law firm and you were advertising to try to get people to hire your firm for a Reckless Driving Speeding charge in Virginia and you couldn't say that

  • you have been practicing for 27 years,
  • you're a former prosecutor,
  •  CBS-6 News in Richmond said that you “wrote the book on reckless driving speeding in Virginia,”
  •  the Baltimore Sun said that you “specialize in getting people off the hook for reckless driving speeding” in Virginia,
  •  you have not only the highest but perfect ratings on the two national lawyer rating services,

 then what would you say? 

You'd probably say we're the cheapest law firm. 

I'm Bob Battle and I'm telling you all those credentials above apply to me and I am not the cheapest law firm.  If you can't consider the other factors that I've listed above, please save your own time and my time and don't bother to call me, but if these factors are important that you know that reckless driving speeding in Virginia can leave you with a permanent criminal record, that I've talked to people who have been kicked out of medical school, that people have lost jobs because they didn't realize how serious it is. 

So, if your only question is what do you charge, then don't call me.  If you can consider these other things like training, expertise and results, feel free to call me and I'd love to help you with your Reckless Driving Speeding case."

If you care about more than just cost and you want a lawyer with a high level of training, expertise, and experience, then contact Virginia Reckless Driving Speeding Lawyer Bob Battle today by calling 804.673.5600. Also, click this link to get an immediate, free download of Bob Battle’s Consumer Guide, called The Shocking Truth About Reckless Driving Speeding in Virginia.

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