In their continued effort with the annual Operation C.A.R.E. program, Virginia State Police issued hundreds of traffic citations over this past Memorial Day weekend. C.A.R.E. is the Operation Combined Accident Reduction Effort, which is a state sponsored program "designed to reduce crashes, fatalities and injuries by speeding, impaired driving and failure to use occupant restraints." In continuance of the program, Virginia State Police increased its traffic enforcement efforts over the holiday weekend.

As a result of the increased patrols on Friday, May 28 through Monday, May 31 more than 700 citations were written in Page, Shenandoah, Rockingham, and Augusta counties. These included nearly 400 speeding citations, 47 reckless driving citations and 6 DUI citations.

If you were issued a citation in the Operation C.A.R.E. program

You may have been the target of a statewide traffic crackdown. But you don't have to accept the charges without putting up a fight. A reckless driving charge can result in fines, license suspensions, serious jail time, and a permanent criminal record. 

If you feel you were targeted unfairly, then you can get the professional help of a Virginia reckless driving attorney. An attorney can investigate your case for any evidence of illegal police procedures. If in fact you were targeted unjustly, then an attorney may find a legal way of getting your charge dismissed in court. 

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