The first 70 mph speed limit under Virginia's new law  has been posted on a 27-mile stretch of Interstate 295. This comes after the state has decided to raise its speed limit on certain roads and highways. Effective July 1st, Virginia will now allow a maximum speed of 70 mph, up from the previous limit of 65 mph.

This new limit will apply to 1,119 miles of highways within the state. While the change has been effective since the first of July, the new limit will only apply to highways once the speed limit signs have been changed. Thus, the stretch of I-295 is the first road to be affected. It runs east of Richmond to I-295's southern intersection with I-95 near Petersburg. The stretch of highway covers the City of Hopewell, Henrico County and Prince George County.

However, some attorneys are expressing concerns with the new Virginia speed limit. This is because in Virginia, driving at a speed above 80 mph is considered reckless driving. The penalties for reckless driving in Virginia are stiff, and police don't show much leniency when it comes to handing out these tickets, which come with a criminal charge.

The issue being raised by attorneys is that now, just going 11 mph over the speed limit in Virginia can be considered a serious criminal offense. Henrico County Reckless Driving Lawyer Bob Battle has been interviewed about why this increased 70 mph speed limit dramatically decreases the threshold for what is considered Reckless Driving Speeding and will result in a slew of new reckless driving charges. (Note- this law was changed effective July 1, 2020. A driver must be doing in excess of 85 mph in a 70 mph zone in order to be charged with Reckless Driving Speeding.)

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