A school bus driver is faced with charges of driving under the influence while allegedly driving students around.


The driver, Ryan Dunlop, was taken into custody by police on January 18 after he allegedly failed a field sobriety test.


According to some students from Carrick, Pennsylvania, Dunlop seemed a bit out of sorts while en route to a field trip at the Carnegie Science Center on the day of his arrest.


Three hours later, when it was time for the students to return home, they knew there was something wrong.


According to Christian Blanitzer, a chaperone on the trip, when they returned to the bus, they could smell alcohol and noticed he was swerving even more and acting in a paranoid fashion.


According to the students, the Dunlop reeked of alcohol and he had trouble keeping the bus on the road.


The chaperones contacted police and developed a plan to get him to pull over. Blanitzer said they had a student fake a panic attack so that Dunlop would pull over so she could get some air. He said police arrived within 20 seconds.


Police say Dunlop failed a field sobriety test and then was transported to the hospital for a blood test. He claimed he’d done nothing wrong.


Dunlop was charged with DUI, reckless endangerment, and endangering the welfare of children.

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