In what may be some kind of state record, a Virginia Beach man drove his truck into 7 vehicles before crashing into a building this August. The driver, Eric R. Cole, 43, was arrested after the incident and charged with a Virginia DUI.

The incident began early, at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 2, at the intersection of First Colonial Road and Old Donation Parkway, when Cole's truck struck 3 cars before he fled the accident scene. While a concerned citizen followed the inebriated truck driver to the 800 block of First Colonial Road, Cole managed to hit another 4 vehicles before careening into a utility building.

While no one was reported to have been seriously injured in the accidents, several of the victims suffered minor scrapes and bruises. A few of the cars which were struck by Cole had to be towed away. Meanwhile, Cole was arrested and subsequently charged with a Virginia DUI. According to a police spokeswoman, Officer Margie Hobbs, Cole has been denied bond while additional charges are pending.

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