Earlier this year an off-duty Virginia police officer from Chilhowie was charged with a Virginia DUI after he allegedly caused a head-on collision with an oncoming truck. Sgt. David Conley Cullop's vehicle was reported as having swerved into the wrong lane while crossing over a bridge. While no injuries were reported in the crash, both vehicles were heavily damaged. Cullop refused a breath test, and so he was charged with refusal as well as the Virginia DUI. He did, however, fail the administered field sobriety tests.

Cullop later resigned from the police department.

Guilty as Charged

In May 2010, David Conley Cullop, was found guilty of a Virginia DUI in Smyth County General District Court. He was fined $1,500, with $1,250 of that fine suspended. The remaining $250 fine is the minimum fine required by the Virginia State Code, according to the county attorney who prosecuted the case. The charges of refusal of tests and reckless driving were both dropped.

As a result of the Virginia DUI, Cullop's driver's license has been suspended for 1 year. He will still be allowed to drive to his new job at the Department of Corrections, when taking his children to and from school, as well as to the doctor and daycare. Cullop will also have to attend state-required alcohol education classes.

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