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Personal Injury Representation for Virginia’s Injured

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Client-centered practice lets you concentrate on getting better; Your lawyer will deal with the Insurance Company

Serious injury comes in many forms, and can have a wide range of debilitating effects that impact the emotional and physical future of the injured person and his or her family. While full recovery from many types of injuries isn’t always possible, recent advances in health care have created the very real hope that anything is possible.

Medical advances that restore mobility to the paralyzed and dismembered are commonplace today. Operations, procedures and medications that reverse the damage of brain injury, spinal cord injury and other internal injuries are proven and available. Therapy and advanced skin grafting that gives burn injury victims a real chance to overcome social stigmas are also there. Where life for the seriously injured once promised little more than a shut-in existence, medical advances of the last twenty years are opening up the world again for the disabled and their families.

But there has been another “development” in the past twenty years that greatly limits the average person’s access to this remarkable progress. For most of us, in order to obtain the money needed for highly specialized health care, an insurance company has to sign off on the bill.

The problem with this is that insurance companies have discovered the profitability of fierce resistance to injury claims that seek the benefits of modern health care. Delays stemming from subrogation (when two or more insurance companies haggle over who is liable), non-disclosures, alleged non-payment of premiums, or other common disguises of bad faith insurance plague many victims of personal injury, leaving them without the means to meet the many new challenges they face.

Victims of serious injury don’t have time for the shenanigans of the insurance industry. When injury strikes down you or a loved one in Virginia, it is important to have an attorney who can step in and act swiftly in your interests with proven legal guidance. In Virginia, Bob Battle brings over 20 years of litigation experience to “go to battle” to help those seriously injured to obtain maximum compensation for injuries related to:

  • Auto Accidents
  • Semi Accidents
  • Product Injuries
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Roller Coaster/ Theme Park Accidents
  • Brain Injury
  • Slip & Fall Injuries
  • Dog Bites
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Construction Injuries
  • Hit and Run Cases
  • Drunk Driving Injuries
  • Railroad Accidents
  • Store Accidents
  • Machinery Accidents
  • Unsafe Toys
  • Elevator/Escalator Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Aviation Accidents
  • Serious Scarring
  • Hotel Liability
  • Swimming/ Drowning Accidents

Bad Faith Insurance Practices: A Crisis in Virginia and the Nation

In addition to being against the law, bad faith practices by insurance companies force choices upon injured people that they should never have to make. Whether it is surrendering a child’s college fund, losing a home, or relying on charity or government hand-outs for subsistence, such decisions should never come about as a result of an injury caused by another. But each year, thousands of residents in Virginia are simply abandoned by their insurance companies, and must make choices that insurance companies have ample means to help them avoid.

So why do insurance companies behave this way? One reason: a relentless drive for profits. Profits keep quarterly earnings on the rise, assets intact, and the chief executives of insurance companies smiling. More profits also mean more political contributions to elected officials, who happily support laws that strengthen insurance interests and keep powers of governmental oversight at a minimum in Washington, D.C. and in legislatures nationwide.

Particularly in recent years, as pro-business agendas have tightened their grip on the American political system, no industry has reaped greater benefits than the insurance sector. In spite of national catastrophes such as September 11th and Hurricane Katrina (events that took record tolls on insurance reserves), the insurance industry has never enjoyed a more lucrative period. A vigorous campaign of case-by-case denials of the rights of individual citizens to their rightful compensation has been the underlying cause of this unprecedented boom.

Too many Americans become fodder for this unfair cycle that only helps the rich get richer through the denial of basic civil rights to ordinary, hard working people of modest means. In Virginia, Bob Battle is devoted to reversing this trend by helping those who need and deserve help the most. If you or a loved one needs strong and committed legal guidance in the event of a serious, life-changing injury, we can help. Click here to order these free books today.

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